Private Sessions
& Solo Retreats

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Turning down the noise…

On our journey to “well-being”, there is such a need to break free from health narratives and societal expectations. Amidst all the noise of marketing and media, the pressure to constantly seek external fixes, or conform to certain ideals, to find health and happiness can be incredibly overwhelming.

My aim is to provide a retreat from the external noise to allow for deep rest and deep listening…finding your inner beauty, your vital essence, your truth…

My approach embraces gentleness and simplicity —shifting the focus from our constant “doing” mode to feeling and “being.”

Above all, I create a safe, gentle, and compassionate space for you to connect with yourself at a deeper level…

Private Sessions

It gets harder and harder to put labels on what I offer in these sessions because I bring all of me…all of my learnings, my trainings and my experience…to base the sessions around you.  We are all unique.  No session is ever the same.

The following options are a rough guide but please do get in touch and we can discuss what would be most beneficial for you…


Breath Therapy with Acupressure and energy practices


Reiki with Restorative Breathwork


Breath, Movement and Meditation practices


I can help you create some simple practices to do yourself at home and discuss any nutrition concerns that you may have.

Solo Retreats

For women

Indulge in a whole morning dedicated entirely to you…personalised practices, treatments and quiet time for contemplation and deep rest.

These half-day retreats are for those seeking a deeper experience or a brief yet impactful escape from the demands of daily life. They can be useful for people that live further away and can provide an opportunity to disconnect, recalibrate, and return with a refreshed sense of clarity and purpose.

Based in a charming 16th Century cottage on the edge of Dartmoor National Park in South Devon.

Should you wish to make the most of the surroundings, you can walk directly from here onto the Moors or stroll down to the river through ancient woods. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit or stay nearby…

These are created bespoke
Full days can be discussed
Weekday and Weekend options


“Your way of being, your gentle, loving, kind, caring presence on the retreat was profoundly healing for me Amanda, and I can’t thank you enough.”


“What I most appreciate about working with Amanda is the space that she holds. It is a gentle, loving, and healing space. I feel safe to be vulnerable with her. The wisdom and tools that she brings to our sessions are profound, and yet, I feel her spacious loving presence is the element that has had the most significant impact on my healing. Thank you Amanda, for tending to the subtleties within yourself, so that the space of your being may heal others.”


“I have loved my sessions with Amanda and found them beneficial in so many ways. She is a natural and very good listener and that has profound impact…Since my diagnosis almost no one has really listened to me in the way she has.”


“I can honestly say that it is a long time since I have felt this well…I have such faith in Amanda’s advice.”



Tuesdays 10am
Wednesdays 6pm

South Brent, Devon

Solo Retreats

For Women...

Dartmoor, South Devon

Private Sessions

South Devon
In Person & Online

“The most important words in the universe are the words we say to ourselves”

Marie Forleo

CNM Nutritional Therapist