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“Emotions are not reactions to the world, they are your constructions of the world”

Lisa Feldman-Barrett


Non-Nutrition Guide to Nutrition

The Non-Nutrition Guide to Nutrition offers help and new solutions.

Bringing together all my skills and experience in Breath Therapy, Breath-Body-Mind™ practices, Yoga, Mindfulness, Coaching and Nutritional Therapy to offer you the very best help.

I believe that using these approaches in a bespoke way can help any dietary and lifestyle changes to be so much more effective.

I offer specialist help for IBS, gut issues and disordered eating, along with Long Covid, Stress, Anxiety and Low Mood.  Helping people with difficulties surrounding their relationship with food.

I also offer support for sleep, immunity, hormone balancing and many other causes of suffering and “dis-ease”.

“Ultimately we help people with the most important thing of all…the relationship they have with themselves…”



Breathing Practices
Restorative Movement
Creative Meditation

Mixing science, Yoga, Qigong and Tibetan wisdom to find...

Peace of Mind

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Non-Nutrition Guide to Nutrition

Help for...
anxiety, stress, IBS, gut issues, food issues, Long Covid and more...

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The Breathing Institute


Breathing Institute Teaching Association

“Breath Is The Answer…”

The Breathing Institute uses protocols based on the very latest in neuroscience, psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, biochemistry and of course the science of the breath.

We offer new solutions for a wide variety of conditions, states of “dis-ease” and life stages, offering help where often there is none.

CNM Nutritional Therapist