“…to live in harmony and balance in nature you have to find the harmony and balance within your own nature”

Donna Farhi

Restoring Balance…

To restore balance in the body is not just about WHAT we eat, but also HOW we eat….how we think, feel, move and breathe!

Areas of Focus

What are you eating?

Many of us lack the basic raw materials from our food and drink to function at our best. Intensive farming, pollution, stress, lifestyle, stimulants and an over-reliance on processed foods are just some of the reasons for us being deficient in vital nutrients.  It is just as important to look at what you are not eating as what you are eating.

How are you eating?

Looking at how you are digesting your food and absorbing vital nutrients.  Factors such as stress and nervous system imbalances, along with virus’s and toxin exposure (eg. bacteria, chemicals) can all impact how we absorb and utilise the nutrients that we eat.

How is your sleep?

Sleep is an important part of the picture. However for some people this in itself can be a cause of stress and it’s important to recognise that we are all different and all have different requirements for sleep.  

How do you move your body?

There are enormous benefits to moving your body in some way every day, preferably doing something that you enjoy.

How are you breathing?

The most fundamental need for life, affecting every single system in the body, playing a huge role in health and wellbeing.  The breath is like a remote control for the brain and nervous system.

How do you take care of yourself?

“Self-care” is a big buzz word now.  There are many ways we can take care of ourselves without it needing to be another item on the “to do” list.  Often, in our current lifestyles, it is rest that is so badly needed….some quiet time…a walk…time to “be”….


Naturopathic Nutrition

Nutrition, lifestyle and self-care advice for a holistic and restorative approach to health & wellbeing.


Sessions are personalised around any health & wellbeing concerns you may have.


Relevant advice will be given accordingly, such as nutritional therapy, breath therapy, Qigong and restorative practices.

Using a functional medicine approach to get to the root cause of your symptoms…

CNM Nutritional Therapist