It is not about depriving yourself…it is about nurturing yourself.

Health is all about balance

We live in a world where we are spoilt for choice and often taste prevails over health. I believe there is a real need to simplify our lives, to honour our intuition and to reconnect with our innate intelligence towards food and lifestyle choices.

Health is all about balance – we are all unique so the food we eat and the lifestyle we lead needs to reflect this.

By becoming informed about the nutrient value of food, and how your body is working to utilise those nutrients, you can start to recognise the effects that foods, stress, toxins etc. have on you.  This will enable you to form a relationship around food to suit your individual needs.

I have a particular interest in all things to do with the gut.  Not only is this the root of most “dis-ease” but I have been there and have great empathy and understanding in this area.

Menopause, a subject so often brushed under the carpet, and osteoporosis are also conditions that I have personal experience of and I hope that my research and knowledge can benefit others in the way it has helped me.

I can help you gain control of your health and wellbeing by guiding you to make more educated food and lifestyle choices to help restore balance of body and mind.

“I think to live in harmony and balance in nature you have to find the harmony and balance within your own nature.”

Donna Farhi